Ornate Team

We're a group of experienced and influential people in Real Estate, who analyse and predict the Real Estate industry trends.

Sushil Gupta


The Director of Ornate Universal , Mr. Sushil Gupta, has over 35 years of experience in the financial sector and contributes this knowledge to the Ornate Family by conceptualizing the structure of our projects. He is one of the main pillars of the company who, along with strategizing, executes the Real Estate plans.

Sunil Gupta


Mr. Sunil Gupta, one of Ornate Family's main pillars, offers to the family his 30 years of experience in financial management, operations, and design. He goes above and beyond in that he personally selects all of the building materials. Bringing his financial management expertise to our Ornate family, he makes a valuable contribution.

Sarang Gupta


Mr. Sarang Gupta, Ornate Family's Business Manager, has 5 years of expertise in business management and is responsible for marketing, procurement, human resources, and administration.

Other Members