Our ORC Program

You tell Mr. X (Your Friend who is looking to buy a flat) about Ornate's Projects.



Fill the below form and give your and and Mr. X details.


Mr. X visits the Ornate's Site & Decides to Book.


Congratulations! This wins You & Mr. X an Amazing Prize.

Referal Form

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  • 1. Ornate Royalty program is an exclusive loyalty and referral program for the patrons of Ornate family.
  • 2. The offer is a limited period offer and it is the responsibility of the customer to check with Ornate Group for the availability of the offer. The sole discretion shall be with the Ornate Group.
  • 3. If you are an ornate customer or a resident or you have visited Ornate in the past years, it is an opportunity for you to reap the benefits and help your friends to get into a Dream Home with lifestyle benefits.
  • 4. Once a reference is shared with us and that reference does the booking, then you are entitled to a reward.
  • 5. You shall be entitled to “Ornate Royalty Circle” benefits once registration is made by your shared reference.
  • 6. Your reference shall be exclusive or unique. It should not be register with us by any of the other sources.
  • 7. The Referral benefit shall be applicable after 60 days post receipt of the down payment as per the ongoing scheme, Stamp duty, or Registration.
  • 8. All confirmed booking is done after 26 September 2022 shall be entitled to referral benefits.
  • 9. In case another unit is bought by your reference, you shall be entitled to a Loyalty gift reward.
  • 10. Referral benefits shall be given in the form of gift vouchers that cannot be transferred or en-cashed.
  • 11. All projects under the “Ornate Royalty Circle” program are officially registered in RERA.
  • 12. Gift rewards shall be differ for each Project to Project.

  • The top communities are built on mutual trust and care for one another and so is the core value of the Ornate Group.